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personal life an impressive move that would have made a mockery of the u.s. u.s. constitution and was therefore quickly dismissed as a laughable waste of time. clinton the self-described new democrat and centrist use his ability to emphasize to voters across the political spectrum would have been the second president to face impeachment that leaders throughout his misheard act. they were also self-aware enough to realize their own marital infidelities would have tainted the arctic dubious legal proceedings with rank hypocrisy. these considerations as well as the public sheer propulsion of the lot of tying up two branches of government for months and diverting millions of taxpayer dollars to a trial the public would unmask as a politically motivated ploy the house would allow americans to assess personal myth discretions for themselves. this noble gesture of restraint continue to inform the conduct of republicans to this day. [applause] on that note i would like to read the entry for homosexuality. sexual attraction between politically conservative or evangelical white males. h
in miami and his son can be a u.s. senator. that's what the american dream is. host: matt 's past experience includes being the director of the leadership institute, a nonprofit training organization. in march of 2007 he was one of two bloggers invited on john mccain's poor bus on a visit to new hampshire with an interview with the candidate and was named a rising star politics by politics magazine a decade ago. -- john mccain's tour bus. guest: a decade already spiriy. host: let's go to our democratic allies in virginia. caller: i do consider myself a democrat. i was willing to consider going some of the direction with obama. i have not been satisfied with his first term necessarily. the republicans unfortunately across almost racist on many occasions. i am engaged to a woman who is from guatemala. she is very smart and very conservative in her personal and social values. just the way the republicans spoke about immigration and things like that, they came across as really racist. so that turned her away and it turned me away. the entire abortion and thing, i think we all know tha
2006 the u.s. enter prize in iraq collapsed and it was over with. bush and the people around him werey -- were determined not to go down in flames and petraeus went to the prime minister and said we have to take the weapons away from the militia and said it's not the shiites that are the problem it's the sunnis. as soon as he started disarming them the shiite militia came in and killed them and chased them away. let's call it troop escalation rather thanna a surge, that was a propaganda term. one of the things that was happening is the mixed neighborhoods in baghdad were becoming will solidly shiite and that tosm -- tamped down the violence because they were going in and when they weren't mixed any more the killing stopped. >> hundreds of thousands of iraqis dead not all because of the general, but a surge he got credit for. that's seen as a positive in his faire favor. the that's -- in his favor. he sleeps with the wrong person and there is a federal case. there is something wrong with this country and our media cov
conclusion. my guest has a different conclusion. the program director at u.s. action. alan, tell me what you are fighting for and how you're doing it? >> well, the top of the list, getting rid of the tax cuts to the top 2%, the democrats and progressives won an election to increase taxes on the wealthiest americans. this is historic in character. we need to start with that. then we need to see that there are no benefits cuts to medicare medicaid, and social security. >> cenk: alan, let me jump in there and depress you. >> okay. >> cenk: let me show you, of course one of the top advisers to the president. first on the issue of taxes. this is what he said recently. >> on the immediate question of the tax cuts we want to extend them to most people but we also want to engage in a process of tax reform that will ultimately produce lower rates even potentially for the wealthy. >> cenk: there is the president's top advisers talking about cutting tax tots rich to the rich. >> the president has put forward, and to his credit--i don't know what david was saying when he said that the president put forw
nation. >> u.s. u.s.! usa! campaign every argument he can think of. president obama trying to convince you that the last four years have been a success. and so the plan for the next four years is to take all of the ideas from his first term, the stimulus, the borrowing, obama care, all of the rest and do them all over again. he calls that plan forward. i call it forewarned. the same path does not lead to a better destination. it means tripling unemployment, stagnant take home pay and depressed home values and a devastated military. unless we change course, we're looking at another recession. it's closing argument, this is last week, president obama asked the supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge -- instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. we're going to lead to a better place. two days away from a fresh start, two days away to a beginning. we're not based on rhetoric, but on proven results but on unshakable faith of the american spirit. does anyone who fears the american dream is fading away. does anyone do wonder whether better jobs and paychecks are a thi
view across the nation was to get them alongside the afghans. and i saw the u.s. officers were shocked that there was an absolute desire for those on the day to get back in. if they stepped back and away, and doug touched on this in proximity to the afghans and the intimacy to the afghans, very often the best form of defending against this form of attack. >> general, will you be able to achieve a successful combat troop by the end of 2014? >> i certainly hope so. [laughter] let me give you a statement. >> i thought you did get a statement. >> this will be the root biggest redeployment operation in a generation. there is a lot of equipment and material. we need to understand how much we have to move over this. matter of time. >> the physical withdrawal, -- the overall general impact of the withdrawal. will we be able to be successful? >> yes, we will. of course from the national operation is synchronized inside a wider operation. great work is being done to deliver that coordination. >> i wonder if i could ask if we are seriously to believe on january 1, 2015, but the afghan national se
. named one of the most 100 powerful arab women last year, appears on u.s. cable news channels quite often and the founder and chairman of the independent think tank beirut institute. safeen, a member of the kurdistan democratic party. he's also a member of the -- was a standing-in member of the iraqi governing council of the authority in 2004. he was exiled to the u.k. and returned to his homeland and is playing a very key role in its development in the kurdistan province. let's make it a conversation, more oprah, fewer speeches, and hopefully everybody gets involved shortly. i want to begin by asking all the panelists to take a bird's eye view first. how you see the flow happening in the region generally, in syria in particular, and where do you see some connections happening. afra, would you like to begin? >> hello, everyone. good morning. i'm replacing my colleague from the syria national council. i was slightly surprised he chose me because he knows i'm in the non-violent movement in syria, and i'm doing my ph.d. on the non-violent movement in syria, and so it's quite a privilege to b
. and this, this isn't a referendum on u.s.a. football on warner. the leading on this in terms of reforms. and i think that's fabulous but the reality is the big lack of control over can you force youth football programs to do the things we know is a good idea. the answer we just said is no. we can't. with the unknown and issues, we have to take a serious look. >> yeah i want to bring in michael. he's a lawyer, you can talk about the liability questions here as we develop knowledge. first i'm going go to gill. a school board member locally. also father, was a father of the football player. tell us about the implications on schools as we learn more about this problem. >> okay. thank you, tom. my name is gill. i'm a school board member here in the northern virginia area. also --there's several things components to it. first is education. the parents that are out there are still don't know about this issue by and large. and it goes all the way down to the youth sports league. my kids have played multiple sports. they played them all. we have been a big sports family with our boys. but with f
of an extramarital affair. a u.s. official tells cnn that petraeus' affair came to light because the fbi looked into a complaint that his biographer was sending harassing e-mails to another woman close to petraeus. we're told petraeus was never the target of the investigation and his communications were never compromised. >>> east coast residents, some of whom have suffered without power for 12 days, waited again today for officials to come through on big promises to end the blackouts. about 280,000 customers still without power in the region. some places not expected to return until at least tuesday. >>> we finally have a winner in florida. cnn projects president barack obama won the sunshine state and its 29 electoral votes. that's based on updated vote totals provided just before today's deadline. that boosts president obama's electoral vote to a total of 322. mitt romney got 206. 270 needed to win the white house. >>> a huge earthquake has struck myanmar just nine days before president obama is due to visit. the 6.6 magnitude quake was centered about 226 miles north of the capital. if he go
Search Results 6,000 to 6,010 of about 6,011 (some duplicates have been removed)